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Mobile Repair Training in Center Kathmandu

Mobile is a paramount device in the modern generation, from where we can do most of the things and this is also called a mini-computer. Due to the multiple uses of mobile devices such as communicating to a telecommunication network for transmitting and receiving voice, video, and other data, it has become an essential part of life.

Mobile repair training is one of the most demanded courses in the world. Being an electronic device, mobile often gets issues with its hardware and software. To deal with those issues, mobile repair technicians are needed.

The mobile repair training course is designed in such a way that it makes a student an expert in mobile repair. Kathmandu Mobile has come up with a unique and updated course for mobile repair training in Nepal.

Courses Offered

Nepal has a hot market for mobile repair training courses in Kathmandu. However, there is a lack of expert technicians who can deal with all mobile problems. We can see many companies like iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Redmi, and Huawei are introducing mobile phones with advanced features and technology.

Considering everything, the mobile repair training center in Nepal is introducing a self-employment course to meet the demand for mobile service engineers. Kathmandu Mobile offers basically 3 levels of mobile repair training in Nepal; a Basic mobile repair training course, a Diploma in the mobile repair training course, and a Chip-level mobile repair training course.


KathmanduMobile has many facilities on its premises for mobile repair training in Kathmandu. Its facilities include;

  • Homely and peaceful learning environment with an advanced laboratory suitable for using modern technology and machines that can easily repair all brand's mobile phones.
  • We have trainers who have many years of experience in the mobile repairing training field. 
  • Furthermore, The Mobile repair training center in Nepal has a unique course syllabus that leads you to solve all problems related to software and hardware.
  • We even facilitate students in their careers by offering internships and job placements.
  • 100% practical training method.
  • A recommendable certificate after the training completion.

Course Objectives and Values

This course is designed with the objective of producing expert manpower in the field of mobile repair in Nepal. Kathmandu Mobile is one of the training centers that send the highest number of mobile repair technicians in the Nepalese market.

Our ambition is to deliver quality and industries-based training, where you will get to learn about different mobile brands, issues with them, and their possible solutions. After completion of the course, you will get a CTEVT level certificate from Kathmandu mobile

The market has a huge demand for excerpts technicians and working as a mobile phone repair expert yields a good salary, there are also plenty of jobs in the market for mobile repair in Nepal.


Kathmandu Mobile could be the best destination to achieve their desired course of Mobile repair training in Nepal. Your mobile repair skills support you for good earnings and brighten your future. Nepal's mobile repair training center always supports you in growing your career and making a path for you.

As mentioned above, Kathmandu Mobile has three levels of courses, and all of these courses are designed by experts based on the latest mobile technology in mind. With our courses, you will get to know about the latest model mobile of every brand in Nepal and can become an expert mobile repair technician in Nepal.

Career Prospects After learning Mobile Repair Training in Nepal

As per government data for 2018, the number of mobile phone users in Nepal is nearly 3.8 billion and this number is increasing day by day. That means the business ideas related to smartphones will be profitable. Also, technology is at a high peak, and the demand for mobile phone repair technicians is popular in demand.

After completion of certified cell phone repair training you will get the following career opportunities:

  • Full-time TechnicianA technician has a vast amount of knowledge about repairing a mobile phone. They can troubleshoot the problem and fixes them in a small amount of time.
  • Start Your Own Business: If you have a good knowledge of mobile phone repair you can even start your business. First of all, you must be able to handle all the problems and you can invest properly. This will be the perfect ideal for you.
  • Technical Manager: Technical managers will be able to handle all the technical problems they can tutor their junior technicians too. After becoming a technical manager, they can have a handsome salary.
  • Sales Manager:  If you have all the knowledge of mobile phone features, you can also convince the customer and sell those mobile phones.
  • iPhone expertise: You can also able to handle all the problems that arise on iPhones, and iPad and solve them easily and can work as iPhone expertise too.
  • Tutor: After enhancing every knowledge about mobile phone repairing, you can start tutoring mobile repair technician courses to interested students.

The mobile technician course will be the perfect opportunity for individuals who desire to become mobile phone repair engineers. Smartphones have become a most essential part of individuals because of their functions.

With cell phones, we can almost do our every work. People face lots of problems in finding the best smartphone repair service centers. So, getting the best mobile technician course is a must. 

Basic Mobile Repair Training Course - level 1

This Mobile repairing Basic course will teach you how to fix your mobile phone yourself and save money by not having to go to a repair shop whenever there is a problem with your phone.

Mobile repair training is an important skill to have in the current age of smartphones. This skill can be profitable with more than a billion people owning a smartphone.

You will learn Mobile Assemble training, disassemble training, Hardware Training, and Mobile Software Training below is some explanation about training:

Module -1: Mobile Assembling and Dissembling Training

Mobile Assembling and Disassembling Training is a training course that teaches the skills required to assemble and disassemble mobile devices.

The course includes the following:

  • How to remove and replace batteries, SIM cards, memory cards, speakers, microphones, etc.
  • How to repair broken screens
  • How to replace glass on the device
  • How to replace broken buttons on the device.
1.1 Android Mobile Assembling and Dissembling Training

At first Android Assembling and Dissembling Training introduced the hardware, and software technology used in android devices.

This course Android Phone Assembling and Dissembling training will guide you on how to use screwdrivers, needle-nosed pliers, multimeters, and other devices that are used to repair any android devices.

1.2 iPhone Assemble Dissembling Training

It’s about how to assemble and dissemble iPhone’s parts, an introduction to apple’s technology.  Almost all versions of the iPhone working mechanism, how to replace the parts, and how to use tools and techniques will learn in the iPhone Assemble Dissembling Training course.

Module - 2: Mobile Card level Training

Mobile Card Level Training is a type of training that teaches people how to repair mobile devices. This training is done through the use of a card system and does not require any previous experience or certification.

Mobile Card Level Training is an alternative to traditional repair training for technicians who are just getting started in the industry. It provides them with the skills they need to work on mobile devices to enter the workforce and start earning money immediately.

2.1 Android Card Level Training

Most of the components used in android devices are compatible with other android devices. Android is compatible with a wide range of hardware components. The components present in a device change from one manufacturer to another and from one model to another.

Android Card level training is about identifying problems in different types of small cards or components used inside android phones. Finding troubles related to cards can be fixing them will be covered in the Android card level Mobile Repair Training course. 

2.2 iPhone Card Level Training

Most of the components used in Apple’s devices aren’t compatible with other brands’ smartphones. It has different structured hardware components, and all technicians who are working as Android technicians can’t solve iPhone’s troubles. 

To provide knowledge about iPhone card-level problems, to solve them iPhone Card level repair training course will help you. 

Module - 3: Mobile Software Training

Mobile software training is now an essential part of the job for many employees. Employees need to be trained on the software they will use in their jobs. In this course Mobile Software Training, we will explore the benefits of mobile software training, how to train employees, and how you can make sure your employees are properly prepared for their jobs.

This course will introduce operating systems, like Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, and Symbian. Which are commonly used in mobile technology. After enrolling in the Mobile software training course from Kathmandu mobile it will make you perfect to solve all the problems arising from Software. 

Expert Level Mobile Repair Training 

The world is changing. The smartphone has become the most important device for many people. You might not be aware of this, but your smartphone is just as fragile as any other device. You need to take care of it or you will have to replace it sooner than you expected.
The diploma in Mobile Repair Training Course is all about troubleshooting problems whether they are hardware or software related. If you aim to be an expert Smartphone repair technician you must learn a Diploma course. In Nepal, Kathmandu Mobile is renowned as the no.1 mobile repair training center.

If you are already enrolled basic mobile repairing course then you will be eligible for a learning diploma in the mobile repair training course. This course will introduce identifying the troubles related to electronic components, troubles, and troubleshooting ideas related to chips.

1.0 Mobile Component Level Training

The component level is a process of training a machine with the necessary knowledge to perform a task.

This process can be used for any type of machine and is often used when the machine needs to be able to work in different environments. Mobile Component Level Training is learning how to use the hardware and sensors on the mobile device.

Component-level repair training will be introduced to identify and troubleshoot related to Antenna, RAM, ROM, Visual Display, and other components. Slow performance, overheating, connectivity problems, Synchronization Issues, battery problems, keys, and buttons. 

This course will cover all types of smartphones including android phones, and iPhones. After completing a component-level training course in Nepal from Kathmandu Mobile you will be able to work in the Nepalese market as a Mobile technician.
1.1 Android Components level Mobile Repair Training 

This course is all about finding troubles and troubleshooting ideas with android mobile phones related to different components. There are lots of brands and companies that manufacture Android devices once complete the course they can able to work with all android phones.

1.2 iPhone Component Level Training

It’s about the common issues that come with iPhones. Once they complete Component level training in Nepal from Kathmandu mobile, Technicians call to solve all types of problems related to the components of iPhones.

Chip-Level Mobile Repair Training

It’s about mastery of technology used inside mobile phones. Processers, GPU, and Other different chips are used for different purposes in phones.

Chip-level mobile repair training is a new form of technology used in the mobile repair world. It is a new technology that has been designed to help those who are looking to learn the basics of chip-level repairs. This type of training has been made possible by the use of online tutorials and videos.

Why us for Mobile Repair Training in Nepal?

As we know that there is multiple mobile repair training institution in Kathmandu. However, most of them are unable to provide competitive mobile training in Nepal due to the expeditious growth of mobile features and technology. So, Kathmandu mobile is completely different from other training centers in Kathmandu.

We are introducing the latest course syllabus that can deal with android and iPhone both. Here is the breathtaking reason to make a destination for your mobile repairing career.
Highly qualified trainers with experience in the mobile repair training field.
  • Mesmerizing Location 
  • Counseling Services with career guidelines.
  • Multiple Shifts, you can join according to your time.
  • Variety of mobile repairing courses at affordable prices.
  • A unique and advanced training system that can deal with new technology.
  • Scholarships for deserving and needy candidates.
  • Internship and job placement for deserving candidates.
  • Market-based Syllabus that can deal with all the smartphones.
  • Weekly and daily assessments to track the student‘s progress and practices.
  • Peace and positive learning environment.

All the reading materials are available including online resources, books, and all repairing tools.

Conclusion and Takeaway

Mobile repair training course in Nepal is designated to produce qualified mobile technicians to deal with new problems of Android and iPhone as well.

After completing the mobile phone repair training from Kathmandu mobile, you will be able to assess the smartphone’s functionality and update phone software, troubleshoot wiring problems, and change the defective components for instance buttons, batteries, LCD screens, keypads, and so on. A person who has knowledge of android and iPhone repair in Nepal, he/she manages to earn a handsome salary.

To be a professional mobile phone technician, the required skills are troubleshooting, customer service, time management, technical abilities, and so on.

A mobile repair course is not hard as you think, it is easy to learn if you have a passion and dedication to mobile repairing and it can be learned within 2-3 months. However, it also depends on how fast you adopt it.

Of course, mobile repairing businesses have excellent scope in Nepal, as Nepal has many smartphone users. Replacement of components and repairing a mobile phone have a good income ratio as well.

The main role of mobile technicians is to identify and repair issues related to smartphones. They provide troubleshooting and support for customers to solve operating issues. Having mobile repairing skills also helps to convince the customer for selling mobiles.

If you miss the classes, we will provide video tutorials and personal support from our trainers. Furthermore, we will also conduct extra classes to cover missed classes.

You only get this certificate after being an expert in mobile repairing, this certificate enables you to show skills and knowledge in the market and make your career in mobile repairing field.

In Nepal, there are large number of IT training center. But, Kathmandu mobile will be the best, professional mobile repairing training provider in Nepal.

If you have basic knowledge of mobile repairing, you can purchase the expert level mobile repair training that enable you to solve the customer issues related with mobile phones.

Course Features
  • Duration
    6 Month
  • Career level
  • Students
  • Assesment
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  • Well equipted lab
  • Highly experience instructure
  • Realtime project development
  • Internship in IT Industry
  • Job placement
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